We don’t mean to toot our own horns, but our family gatherings are fairly epic. We know, we’re biased. But when you have neighbors asking to come over for our next get-together or friends asking when we’re going to release our next family movie, that’s some solid feedback.

So we boiled some of our magic down to five tips to throwing a holiday gift exchange party.

Pick your gift carefully.

Decide beforehand to have half of the people bring good gifts and half the people bring gag gifts. If all the gifts are bad it’s not fun but if all of the gifts are good its not funny 😉

Create a theme.

To make for some creative gift-giving, decide on a theme. You can make it random: like all gifts have to start with the letter M or they all have to be red. Or you can have people bring a gift that reminds them of their high school years. Get creative!

Re-gifting is encouraged!

Did you end up with a super lame gift last year? The joke’s on them cause this year you mounted it, put some glitter on it and re-wrapped it. Our standing record on a re-gift is 7 years.

Have a mystery gift.

Choose a gift at the beginning of the game to be the mystery gift. This gift can be chosen and stolen, just like all of the other gifts, HOWEVER, no one can open it until the very end of the game!

Dress for the occasion.

Don’t just settle for asking people to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater. Have people come dressed up as a character from their favorite Christmas movie or have them dress up like their favorite (or least favorite) Christmas song.

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It’ll help control the chaos, so you can focus on the fun.

Jen was recently at the KFOR studios in Oklahoma City giving these tips. So if you missed the 4:30pm news or don’t live in the OKC-area, here’s your chance to see Jen live pre-recorded and direct.

Go check out the video on KFOR’s site.


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