Greetings Living Meat Bags,

I’m taking time away from my usual haunt to announce a freakish and exciting partnership between SolidRoots and The Bluff Street to bring you my devilish little game called FRIGHT.

Ever wanted to Scare your friends…to Death!?  Well, now you can. And even better, turn that walking worm-food into Ghosts!  These aren’t your Casperly-type-spirits; not even close. Who needs that type of goody-two-shoes influence? These are your highly-elevated and vengeful Ghosts, out to do mischief at every corner!  

Round up a few of your (soon-to-be) EX-friends and try to survive the night in MY place. To win, just walk out the door Alive the next morning. That is, if you don’t die laughing first! Comes complete with possessed dice and the strategic back-stabbing that feels oh-so-good…when you’re not on the receiving end.

Just like the newly minted dead, FRIGHT will be rising in 2021. Grab your own personal tombstone now before the rush.

FRIGHT: A scare-raising, dice-chucking, card-playing, back-stabbingly awesome, friend-killing good time!

Bring a Friend…and a shovel.

–  Alabaster

P.S. – watch the trailer here:


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