How to Host the Perfect Mother’s Day Game Night

She’s always been there to remind you how much potential you’ve frittered away in your life but also that you’re still a looker even when you’ve put on a few pounds … and now it’s time to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world and isn’t afraid to take you out.

There’s no better way to spend Mother’s Day than with mom, grandma, and all the other important females in your life gathered around the table for a Mother’s Day game night with the hottest new card games on the market. Designed as a throwback to a time when seatbelts were for weirdos and tuna casserole was for dinner, these card games by SolidRoots will have you all laughing so hard you’ll drown out the underhanded remarks.

You know she doesn’t want another coffee mug for Mother’s Day, so prove to her you’re listening for once and do it up right with a Mother’s Day game night.

We’ve got a few suggestions below. Now eat your vegetables, sit up straight, and read on.

What To Serve For Mother’s Day Game Night

You can always dish it out, can’t you? Well instead of passive-aggressive comments, how about serving up a few appetizers that give a wink to the glory days of Jell-O molds and the scent of cigarette smoke wafting through the station wagon?

Your Mother’s Day game night menu should be not just tasty, but easy to serve because you’re going to be busy once the cards are dealt. These games are fast-paced and designed to put the fun in dysfunction.

A Few Recipe Ideas


What could be more relevant to the retro vibe of these Grandma Games, evoke more nostalgia, or taste yummier than melted cheesy goodness? Okay, maybe melted chocolate with all the dippers you desire. But who says you have to choose? We vote for both options! This classic cheese fondue recipe comes with all the tips you’ll need to pull off the perfect fondue. And when it comes to chocolate fondue, don’t forget the potato chips. Trust us.


We love this fresh take on the old Ants on a Log classic. Shelley from Two Healthy Kitchens goes way beyond celery and peanut butter for these munchies.



Can anyone stop at a reasonable amount of chips & dip? NO! Give us MO, please. Especially when it’s this delicious cheesy, bacon ranch dip from Julie’s Eats & Treats. There’s a reason they call it Crack Dip! It will keep your opponents distracted while you move in to be the winner who takes all for girls game night.


Three ingredients in a crockpot mean this classic party food needs no update. Easy, delicious, and these crockpot Lit’l Smokies might go faster than the chips and dip. Just be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand because no one wants slimy cards mucking up their group game night.

The Perfect Soundtrack For Your Mother’s Day Game Night

You might tune out your mother’s unsolicited advice, but no one will want to tune out this Mother’s Day game night playlist. With the perfectly curated list of songs to set the mood and keep the party going long after you’ve run out of ways to explain why you haven’t done more with your life, your Mother’s Day game night will be a cherished memory lingering in the hearts of your guests for years. Or at least until you finally get your act together.

Remember – these card games move fast, so there’s no time for slow and sappy. Let’s keep things upbeat and fun, shall we?

The Hottest New Card Games For Mother’s Day Game Night

Haven’t you heard? Playing cards is the new forced family time! And these three Grandma Games from SolidRoots are the coolest thing since your grandma smoked Kools. Packaged in a retro cigarette case for sweet sentimental value, Ma’s Deep Shinola, MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy, and the newly released Smokin’ Mokin’s Aces will light up your Mother’s Day game night.


MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy (Amazon)

MoMo was our chain-smoking, Early Times-drinking, (allegedly mob-connected) grandmother who only played for money and keeps. Rarely was she seen without her Virginia Slims, a deck of cards and a pocket full of quarters for her high-stakes betting. MoMo created this version of rummy that’s been passed down through five generations now. Each game consists of multiple decks of cards, 7 hands, & at least 8 Jokers. And since MoMo was the wild card in our family, we've made her the Joker. If you need to hustle some pocket change from your kids, this might just be your game. 

Ma’s Deep Shinola (Amazon)

We don’t know about you, but as kids the last thing we wanted was to be in “Deep Shinola” with Ma. So we decided to make a game of it - continuing the tradition set by MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy and keeping the same great high-quality, nostalgic packaging. This fast-paced game requires players to get rid of all of their cards as quickly as possible. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, because you’ll have to play some cards sight-unseen. And don’t let Ma fool you: if she comes up in the deck, you might be stuck with more cards than you can handle. And trust us…you don’t want to end up in Ma’s Deep Shinola!

Smokin’ Mokin’s Aces (Coming Soon)

Smokin' Mokin's Aces is the latest edition in our "Grandma" card game series. In this game, you'll have to rely on your gut instinct and a little luck to outsmart Smokin' Mokin. But beware, there's a twist! The face-down cards cannot be seen until they are discarded. The ultimate goal is to have the lowest number of points when someone shouts out the magic words, "Smokin' Mokin!" So sharpen your card skills and get ready to take on the unbeatable Smokin' Mokin and her devious card-playing ways.

Make some good old-fashioned memories and some new insecurity issues when you deal out one of these games and let the fun and feuding begin! 

Ashtray not included.


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