SolidRoots was established in 2017. We’ve created a few games, created lots of content, made our first hire, finally got our own booth at New York Toy Fair, got quarantined, hired some more family, created a few more games, created lots more content, and had what felt like a million Zoom calls. Oh, and we’ve updated this blog now twice this month / year!

You might think that you hear from us all the time, because our content team is amazing. They do a great job of keeping us relevant.

Well, you’re about to get all of the irrelevance. Jen and I are working on a vlog (are we still using that word?) so you can see all of the behind-the-scenes ridiculousness that goes into running a business, running a board game business, and running a board game business with your family.

We have no idea what we’re doing, just like in 2017 when we started SolidRoots, but we’re doing it. As they say on the YouTubez, “Don’t for get to subscribe and smash that like button. Also, hit the bell so you get notified when new episodes go up!”


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