Welp, we made it out of 2017 and we’re in the early days of 2018. As we take some time to look back, we couldn’t be more thankful for each of you that has joined us on this journey. And we couldn’t be more excited for what this year holds for Solid Roots.

We sent out 400 Dirty Santa, White Elephant, and Yankee Swap Party Kits over the last few months. If you got one of them, first, let us say, THANK YOU! Your feedback has been invaluable to us and it means the world to us.

Speaking of feedback, the production games coming out this year may include even more ways to play. Imagine cards that give you special powers to freeze, unfreeze or steal gifts. How does that sound? Another option is to use dice to introduce more randomness into the game. The one thing we heard from all of you was that you appreciated the official rules. We’ll be sure to refine those and make sure the other two ways have official rules as well.

The kits have already garnered attention from some retail spaces including a couple of nationwide chains. We’ll be releasing more information on this when we can. But for now, you’ll be able to see us at some upcoming trade shows as we meet with more buyers and learn exactly what it takes to get these kits on retail shelves.

This process is incredibly educational. Not just for us but also for our kids, whom we homeschool. Our 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son have been involved in all aspects of the process, from design to packing and shipping. Our goal for them is to show them that having an idea is the first step, but taking the additional steps to make that idea a reality is what makes you successful. Solid Roots’ goal is to bring people together and make memories and going through this process with our kids has already done that. And we’re thrilled to show them how these kits bring others together.

Thank YOU again for following us this past year and we hope that you’ll stick with us this year. We’re planning on bringing you monthly content that will help you get together with your circle and have fun.


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