So… we went and did a thing.

We updated our kits and packaged TWO MORE WAYS to play our gift exchange games.

The second way is just a twist on the original, but with the introduction of Game Changer Cards! These cards grant you a one-time superpower during the game. You could get the Swap Numbers card where you get to swap positions with another player. Or the Instafreeze card that allows you to instantly freeze a gift. Or the Unfreeze card that lets you thaw any frozen gift EXCEPT the Permafrozen gift!

What’s the Permafrozen gift?! You’ll just have to buy the kit to find out.

The third way is with a die. We thought you might have to play the game with others that you don’t know so well yet – say a group of coworkers, new family members, or just a random group down at your local game shop. If you’re feeling less-than-ruthless or need to let your boss win, use the die to introduce more chance into the game. We’ve included a die and the action you take when each number is rolled.

You can order the new games now!

Trinity holding the new Dirty Santa
Details of the White Elephant playing pieces and die.
Jack holding the updated Yankee Swap box
The updated Yankee Swap game
Our own white elephant
The new Dirty Santa board and pieces
Mystery stickers and stolen stickers
Dirty Santa hanging out by the pool with his game.


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