Dallas Toy Fair 2019

Jen and I were thrilled to go to Toy Fair Dallas at the first of the month. Mostly we were thrilled to have an excuse to get away from our computers as we spent most of September rushing our newest prototype to print. Fortunately, the prototypes came in just in time to be featured in a special gallery called FutureCast!

FutureCast is a set of 18 hand-selected toys and games that people think will make a splash in 2020. That’s right: people think we’re going to make a splash 🙂

We are beyond honored to be a part of this gallery and this show. We made some great connections, ate some good food, and stayed in our hotel room as much as possible (we’re introverts remember). We also go to show off our holiday games, MoMo, and 3 NEW PRODUCTS that will be out in 2020, including Mind the GapTM, the game that was featured in FutureCast.

Holiday Write Ups

The buzz around our gift exchange party kits is starting to ramp up for the 2019 holiday season.

We’ll be featured in the November issue of Rolling Stone magazine and we hear rumors that the game might be played on TV. Hopefully Santa’s elves can make that in their workshop.

Thanks to Amy from for including our kits in her Christmas 2019 write-up! We love knowing that it elevates family’s traditions!

MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy

If you’ve spent any time with us as a group, you’ve either heard of MoMo or played her version of rummy. Well, now you can order your very own version of her game and it comes packaged in MoMo’s signature vintage cigarette purse!

You get two decks of cards, the official rules, and all of the memories from playing cards with your grandparents at the kitchen table.

Order now and they’ll ship out by Halloween!

MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy

  • 2 decks of cards
  • 8 Jokers featuring MoMo
  • 1 vintage cigarette purse
  • All the memories

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If you’re really old school, you might recognize Megan & Patrick from “The Six O’Clock News with Megan and Patrick” but they haven’t done that since they were 6 and 4.

Watch the video and see their smiling, wonderful, sarcastic faces. You might also see a special cameo from yours truly.

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