FRIGHT word mark on transparent background
FRIGHT word mark on transparent background

Bring a friend...
and a shovel

Bring a friend...
and a shovel

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The family-friendly, tabletop experience that you learn in 5 minutes

The family-friendly, tabletop experience that you learn in 5 minutes

Death is a scary thing indeed. Fortunately, you can spend the rest of your life mastering this game.

Do you like game night, but hate Monopoly? Are you motivated by cold, sweet revenge in a safe setting? Ever wanted your own personal tombstone while still part of the living? Then start practicing your best scaring techniques and dive into the game world of “FRIGHT!”

FRIGHT is the only board game with ghost-appeal.

A scare-raising, dice-chucking, card-playing, back-stabbingly awesome, friend-killing good time.

FRIGHT is an innovative party game where you turn your friends into benevolent or revengeful ghosts and watch them haunt you until the end.

Learn the game in 5 minutes.

With extremely unique and uncomplicated game mechanics, a wholesome horror theme, tongue-in-cheek humor, and amazing illustrations, you’ll quickly be immersed into an unforgettable time inside the world of FRIGHT.



We’re live every Friday evening on Twitch with FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHT: 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central. Check out replays on Facebook and YouTube immediately afterwards.

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Jeff Peters
As 30+ year game industry vet, Jeff has designed, developed, and launched gaming products on almost every major platform: from coin-op to console to PC. Jeff has worked on major titles like “Mortal Kombat,” “NBA Jam,” and “Tetris.” Oh, he’s also in the International Video Game Hall of Fame. NBD.
Tim Huntsman
Tim was introduced to D&D at the age of 12, which launched him into a career full of adventure. Working for Disney, Microsoft, Midway, and Acclaim helped him hone his creative skills. He’s an avid musician, voice-over actor, and writer. Did we mention he’s an ex-Imagineer?
Steven Crowe
The Creative Director at Utah’s premier think tank and art house, Steve is an comic-industry vet. He created the “Quest Forged” series, which spans over a decade with a table-top brawler and a novel. He’s also contributed to successful Kickstarter campaigns in both the comic book and board game categories.
Tim Rowberry
Tim is the guy you call when you need something done. Currently, he’s running his media production company where he does feature films, short films, animations, video games, and books. He also co-founded an Emmy nominated animation studio.

How to


Game Specs

  • 2-5 Players
  • 8+ years old
  • 10-30 minutes

Package Contents

  • 5 Tombstones
  • 25 Scare Tokens
  • 5 Possessed Dice
  • 1 Phase Coin
  • 43 FRIGHT Cards
  • 1 Game Mat
  • 1 “Words to Live By”

The dice determine who gets to scare, but cards can change the dice as well as the scares. When players are scared, they must remove a scare token and draw a card. When players lose all their scare tokens, they become Ghosts. And Ghosts can still play cards to affect the outcome of the game. The last player alive wins.

How to Play FRIGHT in 2 Minutes

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