Greetings Living Meat Bags, I’m taking time away from my usual haunt to announce a freakish and exciting partnership between SolidRoots and The Bluff Street to bring you my devilish little game called FRIGHT. Ever wanted to Scare your friends…to Death!?  Well, now you can. And even better, turn that walking worm-food into Ghosts!  These …



Man, 2020 has just been insane. And it’s only MAY! In these strange, strange times – when people are more separated than ever (hashtag thanks COVID) – we’ve launched a new web show to bring people together again…virtually. MIND THE GAP LIVE is a collaboration between SolidRoots and Kid@Heart where we basically play MIND THE …


Hinky Pinky

Hinky Pinky – or “hink pink” or whatever you want to call it – is one of those pastimes that seems to have always existed. Since the dawn of language, people have been rhyming words and having others guess for amusement. I’m pretty sure there are some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that are hinky pinkys. (Don’t …

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Back to School Game Night

Welp, it’s the end of August. How in the world did that happen? Seems like only yesterday I was in danger of falling off the roof taking down the Christmas lights in the early February cold and winds. Aw, what memories. Except that’s all over. And weirdly so is the summer break! We know you’re …

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Get the Party Started with Free Gift Exchange Invitations

So you know about our party kits that help you control the chaos and host the best holiday gift exchanges. Now you can have some of free invitations to get people to your gift exchange. No matter your flavor of gift exchanges (Dirty Santa, White Elephant, or Yankee Swap), you can have invitations to match. …

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White Elephant, Dirty Santa, & Yankee Swap: Why 3 Different Versions?

We’ve already been over the history of White Elephant, so let’s dive into the other two popular gift exchanges: Dirty Santa & Yankee Swap. Yankee Swap Yankee Swap comes from a couple of places. First, Walt Whitman used “yankee swap” to describe ideal Americanisms. With Americans trading more and more with the world in the …

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February Friends Night In

February is typically known for Valentine’s Day: the month of love. Probably because everyone is cooped up together all winter and needs to be reminded that they love (and like) each other. We don’t have big V-Day traditions other than a few treats for the kids, but February is known for its birthdays in our …

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Cards for Humanity

With all the important things going on in the world today, a company focused on games and fun doesn’t seem to be of any significance or importance. Maybe so. But in our family, games are what bring us together and doesn’t the world need a little more “together” lately?

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