Mind The Gap has been selected as Barnes & Noble’s Game of the Season!!! :partying_face::exploding_head:


Wow! We are so tremendously honored and humbled to be chosen as the FIRST EVER Game of the Season by Barnes & Noble! Our family created Mind The Gap with the idea that it would bring people from the different generations together; a game everyone could play. To see others enjoying MTG has truly been an inconceivable blessing.

Thank you to everyone who bought Mind The Gap! We really appreciate you.

And to the lovely people at B&N! We love partnering with you. You’re our kind of people.

And lastly congratulations to the SolidRoots team for your continuously outstanding work!

The whole team recently took a trip to our local B&N (shoutout to Tulsa) and got some pictures with our games on the shelves and the new display!

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