It’s been a hot minute since we provided any behind-the-scenes updates for you. Welp, here you go ?

(Sorta) New Faces

First – and most importantly – we’ve updated our About page. We’ve added our six “new” hires. I mean, Tiffany has been with us for over a year, Megan’s one-year anniversary is coming up in January, and we’ve had our kids working for us since Day 1. Eric and Patrick are the new guys with just a couple of months under their belts.

Our six new profiles added to the About page - Tiffany, Megan, Eric, Patrick, Trinity, and Jack. Includes headshots and names.

Go check out our About page to see their pretty faces and learn more about them.

New Thanksgiving Tradition

Second, MIND THE GAP is flying off the shelves. If you’ve been thinking about getting a copy, do it sooner rather than later. We’re running out of our stock which means stores will be unable to restock. We do have another shipment on its way, but those won’t be available until December.

If you want to play MIND THE GAP this Thanksgiving with your family, grab your copy now! Also, be safe if you get together with your family or friends.

New Products

Lastly, we have 2 new products that will be available in a matter of DAYS. You can pre-order our newest game – Trapped, which can turn any room into an escape room – and our first home decor product – the Hang Up + Hang Out box. Trapped will start shipping next week and Hang Up + Hang Out will ship in December. Both make great Christmas gifts.

Hang Up + Hang Out wooden box front with lid closed

Available in December

Trapped Assortment pack

Available very soon

Speaking of Christmas gifts, don’t forget our Gift Exchange Party Kits (Dirty Santa, White Elephant, and Yankee Swap) for this year’s gift exchange. Even if it has to be virtual.

Dirty Santa, White Elephant, and Yankee Swap Party Kits on a flannel blanket in front of a Christmas tree

Early Black Friday Sale

Jack looking surprised. He's also wearing a cowboy hat.

And come back on Friday as we’re having a **shhhh** surprise sale ? This was Jack’s reaction when we told him about it.

As always, be together, have fun, and be safe.

2 thoughts on “SolidRoots Updates – Nov 2020”

  1. Mind the gap. In challenges, you pass it on and opponents get question right. Do yo then have your turn on challenges again?

    1. Hey Dan – yes, if you pass the Challenge and that team gets it correct, they get to move forward and you’re still on the Challenge space. That means, you either have correctly guess a Challenge card or hope you pass it to a team that doesn’t get it correct! Thanks for supporting our family business.

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