Zut alors!

Jen and I have been named in MOJO NATION’S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL FIGURES WORKING IN TOY AND GAME DESIGN TODAY! Specifically, “Independent Creatives.”

To say that we’re honored would be an understatement. We work hard to bring a sense of style and design to everything we do – from packaging, to actual gameplay; from the Zoom calls with our buyers to emailing with our customers. And to be recognized for our work is incredibly rewarding.

Check out the graphics below or download the whole publication here: https://mojo-nation.com/read-mojo-nation-100-2021-edition-online-now/

You might also recognize at least one other name in there: Our very own CMO & Kid@Heart Steve Starobinsky!

Congratulations to everyone included. We know we’re in rare company.

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