2022 State of Play

Who could have ever predicted a global event that would keep us from each other and the traditional entertainment venues that we relied on for Play? Instead of pouting we pivoted. The resilient toy industry embraced technology and found ways to find new products digitally as well as overhaul their e-commerce platforms for an upgraded …

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August 2021 Update

What is up guys?! It’s that time of the year again. Time for the SolidRoots monthly blog post that I completely forgot about since February. We hope everyone has been having a much more pleasant year than last. As for us, we have been staying extremely busy getting ready for the launch day of SolidRoots’ …

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Making Up The Rules Ep 01 thumbnail of Megan holding two lasagnas

Making Up The Rules

SolidRoots was established in 2017. We’ve created a few games, created lots of content, made our first hire, finally got our own booth at New York Toy Fair, got quarantined, hired some more family, created a few more games, created lots more content, and had what felt like a million Zoom calls. Oh, and we’ve updated this …

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The SolidRoots family laughing while playing Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap named Top Toy

People, people, people! You are NOT going to believe this… Mind the Gap was named one of Toys’R’Us Canada’s Top Toys of 2020! Within just 6 months of Mind the Gap hitting the shelves, we’ve gone from “who are you again?” to “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of you…”. Seriously, we’re super stoked to be on …

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Greetings Living Meat Bags, I’m taking time away from my usual haunt to announce a freakish and exciting partnership between SolidRoots and The Bluff Street to bring you my devilish little game called FRIGHT. Ever wanted to Scare your friends…to Death!?  Well, now you can. And even better, turn that walking worm-food into Ghosts!  These …


Baylie, Megan, and Jen cooking Special Spaghetti

Cooking with Jen

If you’ve ever met our co-founder Jen, one of the first things you learn about her is that she has “interesting” tastes. She’s the first to admit that she eats like a child and that she has all kinds of rules about food. Today, we’re peeling back the layers of Jen’s rules and introducing you …

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