February Friends Night In

February is typically known for Valentine’s Day: the month of love. Probably because everyone is cooped up together all winter and needs to be reminded that they love (and like) each other. We don’t have big V-Day traditions other than a few treats for the kids, but February is known for its birthdays in our …

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New Year Updates

Welp, we made it out of 2017 and we’re in the early days of 2018. As we take some time to look back, we couldn’t be more thankful for each of you that has joined us on this journey. And we couldn’t be more excited for what this year holds for Solid Roots. We sent …

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Cards for Humanity

With all the important things going on in the world today, a company focused on games and fun doesn’t seem to be of any significance or importance. Maybe so. But in our family, games are what bring us together and doesn’t the world need a little more “together” lately?

A Thanksgiving Recipe for Introducing Your People to A New Guest

Our family motto is “The More, The Merrier”. We love it when people join our gatherings –  which is not for the faint of heart. But your group already has relationships built which gives them built-in topics of conversation and inside jokes; this can be uncomfortable for a guest. So here’s a way to put …

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