White Elephant Party Kit

Nothing says Christmas like giving (and getting) something amazing!

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  • 3 ways to play!
  • Won’t be charged until Nov. 2018
  • Get early access to the official rules


The history of White Elephant dates back a long time ago to when elephants were actually given as gifts. Instead of getting a useless and burdensome pet, perhaps the best white elephant gift is…White Elephant?


The White Elephant Party Kit is everything you need to organize everyone’s favorite holiday gift exchange.


No more tearing up pieces of paper and writing numbers on scraps. No more losing track of who’s next. And no more guessing how many times a present has been stolen.


The White Elephant Party Kit has numbered tokens, a board, stolen stickers, and a set of rules, so all you have to do is focus on making memories. That and regifting that terrible present you ended up with last year from your Uncle John. And if the classic version isn’t enough, use the Game Changer cards to add a twist to the holiday cheer.