Bear Attack

Bear Attack



Bear Attack is available for pre-order.

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You don’t have to outrun the bear, just your fellow campers.

Avoid the bear by going through caves or luring it away with berries or fish. Remember, though, bears can travel speeds in excess of 30 mph! So even when distracted, they can still move fast.

Hide in trees, caves, or trip up other campers in order to be the last one to survive.

This light strategy game is perfect for the Spring camping trip or for those that like the idea of nature without actually being in nature. Move your camper in multiple directions to avoid the bear, who always goes after the nearest camper. Use cards to move around the board more quickly or distract and confuse the bear.

Comes with 6 campers, 1 bear, 2 dice, 1 bear dice, Camper Kit cards, Bear Attack cards, and Survival cards.

Weight1.6 lbs
Dimensions8.6 × 8.6 × 2.1 in


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