Bring a friend…and a shovel.

You have one job in this game: stay alive.

FRIGHT is an innovative party game where you turn your friends into benevolent or revengeful ghosts and watch them haunt you until the end.

Learn the game in 5 minutes.

With extremely unique and uncomplicated game mechanics, a wholesome horror theme, tongue-in-cheek humor, and amazing illustrations, you’ll quickly be immersed into an unforgettable time inside the world of FRIGHT.

Each player gets their own tombstone with 5 scare tokens and a dice.

Each round consists of a dice phase and a scare phase. The dice determine who gets to scare, but cards can change the dice. When players are scared, they must remove a scare token and players “die” when all of their tokens have been removed. The last player alive wins.

Even when players die, they can still play cards to affect the outcome of the dice round.


Weight2.9 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 2.25 in

4 reviews for FRIGHT

  1. Taylor

    My husband played this at a bachelor party and said it was “the most fun game” he’s played. Now we own it and it’s played at every game night we host or attend. We’ve introduced several friends to this game and they’ve all loved it as well!

  2. Rich (verified owner)

    This game has quickly become a favorite for my family! We ADORE games that are simple to learn, quickly paced and playful in their mayhem and FRIGHT checks ALL of those boxes! The rules are quite simple, but there is plenty of strategy to employ in the moment while still enough random elements to help keep everyone engaged and involved (and off of their phones). Add too the fact that even if you’ve “lost,” (turned into a Ghost) YOU STILL GET TO PLAY! Honestly, we had been seeking the right family board game for some time and could not be happier for having found FRIGHT!

  3. Miles (verified owner)

    Fright is the perfect redemption game. Even when your player life takes a turn for the worse, you still continue to alter and change the game as a ghost. Soooo Awesome!!!
    I love this game its a blast to play and the art is amazing, it really helps pull you into the afterlife ?

  4. Joe Hansen

    Great game for or with kids! Fun and unique mechanics.

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