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Mind the Gap


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A trivia game for the generations!

In Mind the Gap, teams race around the board answering pop culture trivia through 4 generations: Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, & Gen Z. The team that makes it around the board first is crowned the Greatest Generation!

We had an amazing time. We were all fully engaged and I have not seen the kids have so much fun playing a board game before.

It is one of the very few games that promotes interaction between the generations, not just parents and children but grandparents as well.

– actual unsolicited feedback

We were tired of not having a trivia game we could play with our 80-year old grandparents and our teenagers. Mind the Gap requires players of all ages to work together to answer coming-of-age trivia questions. Team up with players from other generations to make it all the way around the board first by answering questions about popular TV shows, movies, music, slang, and news-worthy events. And be prepared to break out your best acting skills – when you land on a Challenge Space, you’ll have to act out a famous scene, hum a well-known tune, or dance the hippest dances from all the eras.

2 reviews for Mind the Gap

  1. b con

    this game truly heals families and provides entertainment for all ages. everyone can answer the trivia questions so no one feels left out. the design is incredible and visually pleasing. recommended especially for those with teens and young adults.

  2. Jon Grogan

    So much fun! Our family played for hours and has truly loved every evening playing this game.

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