MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy


This isn’t your mother’s rummy.
It’s your grandmothers.

MoMo was our chain-smoking, Early Times-drinking, (alleged) mob-connected grandmother who only played for money and keeps. Rarely was she seen without her Virginia Slims & a deck of cards.

MoMo created this version of rummy that’s been passed down five generations now. Each game consists of multiple decks of cards, 7 hands, & at least 8 Jokers. And since MoMo was the wild card in our family, we’ve made her the Joker.

If you need to hustle some pocket change, this might just be your game.

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  • Each set comes with 2 decks of cards
  • Packaged in MoMo’s infamous, vintage cigarette purse
  • Official rules & quick reference cards included

Surgeon General’s Warning: Using this product may increase feelings of nostalgia, fondness for those around you, and uncontrollable laughter and/or yelling. Continued use may cause addiction and result in reoccurring game nights. Seek our professional attention by recording outbursts and tagging us on social media @makesolidroots.


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