What’s Going On Here?

Chances are, lots of shenanigans! When you run a business with your family, that almost has to be the case, right? Actually, we love working together and honestly, it’s part of the magic of SolidRoots. Here, we value family. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

We are on a mission to create unique content, products, and experiences that bring you closer to your people. We want your friends to become your family and your family to become your friends.

Having solid roots is about connection to something deep and meaningful. Over the years, we have found that some of the most profound moments of connection with our own friends and family came through fun and whimsical experiences we shared. The perfect gift, an unexpected party, a long-anticipated vacation… these became the memories that defined the days and years. Yes, they take time and energy to plan, but they are wonderfully worth it.

We created this company because we think having fun and being together is important. We’re here to help you celebrate life, and each other, well.

Who Are These People?


Jen spent a fair amount of time at the Magic Kingdom growing up, so it’s no wonder she’s a sucker for experiences. Over the years, she has spent countless hours and days designing, thinking through, and creating one of a kind gifts and events for those she loves. She loathes generic so she’s always looking for the personal, customized details that turn ordinary moments into something special. We went ahead and put her in charge of creating cool stuff.


Chris is sort of like our magic wand. You speak a vision out loud and BAM! Chris makes it real. During the week, he designs all our products, makes websites, and other data-ish things. But on the weekends, he moonlights as our family’s personal game show host / MC / in-house musician. Don’t let his techy exterior fool you, he’s all performer on the inside.


Every team needs a mom and Janet is ours. She takes all the crazy and puts it in a spreadsheet and delivers it with a homemade cookie. She does a lot of heavy lifting like managing our distribution channels and other things that require you to be a total genius. She’s also probably the person you’d talk to if you were to give us a ring. There’s a 99% chance she will have you laughing in the first 2 minutes. She will also probably invite you to dinner.

Tiffany Bruner headshot

Tiffany Bruner

Photographer / Wannabe Cowboy

Tiffany makes us look good. I mean, it’s not too difficult, but her eye takes our photos to the next level.

Megan McDougal headshot

Megan McDougal

Assistant to the Manager

Megan manages all of our specialty accounts plus keeps us entertained with “that’s what she said” jokes.

Eric Boyd headshot

Eric Boyd

Too Tall / Sales + Marketing

Eric is the energy of the group. Also, his laugh is really great and sometimes he has brilliant ideas.

Patrick Boyd headshot

Patrick Boyd

Video + Coffee

Patrick has gone from slingin’ BBQ to directing and editing in no time.
Watch out Spielberg.

Trinity Armstrong headshot

Trinity Armstrong

Professional Napper

Trinity is our GenZ-in-resident. She manages our TikToks and all of the other things that we’re “too old for”.

Jack Armstrong headshot

Jack Armstrong

Pure Sunshine

Jack peaked when he helped create the SolidRoots logo. Since then, he’s mostly been gaming on his Xbox.

Rachel Garcia headshot

Rachel Garcia

World Traveler

Rachel is our biggest source of encouragement AND she holds everything together with her attention to detail.

Jo & Frank

You know those relatives that you dread seeing every year on Thanksgiving? That’s not Jo and Frank! They bring their cool Colorado vibe to the table as well as their savvy (and extensive) business expertise. They also bring some delicious food to the table from time to time. Frank is known for being able to add peanut butter to any recipe! Jo runs a tight ship and has the full-time job of keeping Frank in line. She is underpaid.

The Family

Our products are inspired by Jen’s family who is obsessed with over-celebrating just about any occasion you can think of. They are loud, they are Italian, and they are fierce Rummy players. Their history is littered with hilarious stories, memories, and videos of ordinary occasions that turned into epic events. Some of their parties have been so wildly fun and over the top that they frequently have friends and neighbors ask if they can join in! Of course, they always say “Yes!”

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