How to Play Game of Phones by SolidRoots

What do most humans have in their hands at any given moment? Phones.
And what infinitely distracting devices usually cause isolation and a lack of interaction between groups of people? Phones.
We decided to change that.
Game of Phones from SolidRoots is the golden ticket for using your smartphone to bring your people together, and for making countless memories and sidesplitting inside jokes along the way!
Instead of playing solitaire or an online game with some random stranger across the world, why not play a game designed to be a fun game to play on your phone WHILE you connect in real life?

Who Can Play Game of Phones?

The real question is, who can't play Game of Phones?
The various generations in our own family play this game constantly, and we never know if grandma or cousin is going to come out on top!
All you need to have on hand to be able to play Game of Phones is our box of prompt cards, a phone for each player, and your people. The group size is totally up to you - as long as you have two players, you can play.
No app or subscription is required to play the game.

Rules for Playing Game of Phones

The Game of Phones rules are simple. Shuffle the deck of cards well, set the pile in the middle of your group, and determine the first "influencer" (the person who draws the card from the top of the deck) by some phone-centric metric like who has the most photos in their camera roll or who posted on social most recently.
There are four card types in the deck that determine gameplay for each round:
  1. Like
  2. Unfollow
  3. Download
  4. Upgrade
Players respond to each type of card using only what they can dig up on their smartphones. When you're deciding which card to play, consider who your audience is (aka who is the judge of the round).
"Like" cards are where the influencer (the one who drew the card) gets to decide the winner for that round. The influencer doesn't play off the prompt during these rounds.
"Unfollow" cards are where the group takes action on the prompt (including the influencer) and everyone gets to vote for the winner.
"Download" cards are lightning rounds where the first player to respond to the prompt on the card wins.
"Upgrade" cards are bonus rounds where everyone gets to team up to complete the challenge.

How Do You Win Game of Phones?

The winner of each round gets to keep their perspective prompt cards, and the first player to collect five cards wins the game!
Feel free to up the number of cards needed to win if you have a smaller group and play is moving quickly, or lower the amount if you have a larger group and play is taking longer than expected.
You can expect normal gameplay for a group of ten people to last about ___ minutes.

Where Can You Buy Game of Phones?

Game of Phones is available for purchase right here on our website:

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