The Berenstain Bears join the SolidRoots Fam

What was something from your childhood that was just “good”?

For me, it was Lego, playing ball with my brother, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
For Jen, it was her Mr. Sketch markers, riding her bike around the block, and her Trapper Keeper.

Can you tell that she’s way more mature than me?

But one thing we both loved were The Berenstain Bears. Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister Bear taught us so many valuable lessons as kids and look where we are today.

And as of today (well, a couple of months ago), SolidRoots will make games for The Berenstain Bears!

We are beyond excited to bring The Bear Family and their wholesomeness to the next generation of kids visiting Bear Country. With new books being written and published by Mike, the son of Stan & Jan, kids will have a brand-new set of adventures to go on with Brother and Sister Bear.

Our Berenstain Bear games will hit shelves in the Fall of 2022.

Here's the actual press release if you're into that sort of thing.

Toy and game company SolidRoots will publish a line of licensed Berenstain Bears-themed games, expected to hit shelves in spring 2022, for ages 4 to 8+ years old.

Known for its offerings like trivia game Mind the Gap and escape room game series Trapped, SolidRoots is a license partner for The Berenstain Bears through December 2024.

“Having grown up with the Berenstain Bears, I feel incredibly honored to partner with them and create games for a new generation,”said  SolidRoots co-founder and creator Jen Armstrong, “Our goal as a company is to reimagine what family-friendly games can be, so getting to work with the Berenstain family, who have so much experience in this space, is really a dream come true.”

With titles exploring family life and growing up, The Berenstain Bears franchise debuted its first illustrated storybook in 1962.

“The Berenstain Bears enjoy nothing more than an evening of family game-time in their cozy treehouse home,” said Mike Berenstain, co-author of the series. “I’m delighted to be partnering with SolidRoots in bringing games featuring the Berenstain Bears to human families everywhere.”

Welcome to Bear Country by the Berenstain Bears


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